Enjoy an Exclusive and Unique Cruise in the Pacific Northwest


Sight Seeing wildlife and photographic tours

Our uniquely designed powerboat makes water transportation safe and enjoyable for any passenger. The main boat is fully enclosed and heated for your comfort. Travel to any destination in the Salish Sea, including the Strait of Juan De Fuca, San Juan Islands, Puget Sound, Hood Canal, numerous lighthouses and more.

Memorials - Ashes at Sea

We offer trips to spread ashes on the water. If you have someone (including pets) and you want to take them to sea, we provide that service.

Cremation remains dispersal on the water. Federal law has specific requirements that we will fulfill. We have a specially priced package trip for such occasions.


A private romatic cruise to any destination in the Salish Sea (US waters).

Kayak Ferrying

We can take kayaks on board and take you to any destination in the region.


Trips start at $195 departing from John Wayne Marina in Sequim, WA. Full day trips including up to six passengers are $695.

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